My name is
Austen Stone
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Austen Stone

I am a computer engineering student attending Florida Atlantic University and my specialties are programming, web design, and graphics. I love to travel, play video games, cook, and CODE!

Web Development

We created a wide variety of websites fully customized to your needs.

Graphic Design

Improve images, create brochures, forms, eblasts, cards, posters, banners, ect. You name it!

Installations and Repairs

Computer hardware is a specialty and we can get your old computer up and running again or help you set up a brand new setup.

We can do anything from home theater systems to office setups

  • Todd Minikus

    World reknown show jumper

  • Jacksonville Equestrian Center

    The one and only Jackvonville Equestrian Center

  • Metlar Dressage

    Metlar Dressage

  • Carben Farms Benjamin Meredith

    Reverse engineering of PixelGraphix website Lionshare.com for Benjamin Meredith. Complete redesign.

  • Wellington Insider Tours

    New 2016 website.

  • Lauren Knopp Dressage

    Lauren Knopp Dressage Training

  • Everglades Dressage

    World Class Dressage (In progress)

  • The Ridge Farm

    A large show farm in both NJ and FL

  • Excel Dressage

    Home to FEI rider and trainer Amy Speck-Kern

  • Vend8

    High-end luxury commerce


Check out some of my works at JRPR Public Relations.

What I do

I create beautiful seamless websites that meet your needs.

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Web Development

Get yourself online. I use the latest most updated methods of HTML, C++, PHP, & Java.


All of your content is secure with me and you will not have to worry about any hackers.

Functional Content Managment

All websites are built ontop of Wordpress giving you ultimate content managment and control. Once everythings set up anyone can edit/add content and media.


My websites don't just look good on your desktop. They look good on your tablet, your phone, your TV... probably even on your blackberry. They also work across all updated browsers.

Search Engine Optimization

With little effort we can get your website showing up on the first page of Google in no time. I optomize webpages the way search engines like it giving you optimal page ranking.


All of the services I provide are affordable and fair. I don't charge you ridicuolous prices like the competitors and I keep track of hours accuratly.

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