RusherBot Commands

Created by John200410, discord is at

Fun :

!radius - says who's in the bot's render distance - !radius

!pos - Gets a player's position if in the bot's render distance - !pos JewishBot

!armor - Makes the bot equip diamond armor - !armor

!gap - Makes the bot eat a gap if it is in his inventory - !gap

!totem - Makes the bot equip a totem if there is one in his inventory - !totem

!come - Makes the bot go towards you if you're in it's radius - !come

!follow - Makes the bot follow you until you type !stopfollow - !follow

!stopfollow - Makes the bot stop following - !stopfollow

!health - Gives the bot's health - !health

!sword - Makes the bot equip a diamond sword if one is in his inventory - !sword

!attack - Makes the bot punch someone if they're in his render distance - !attack SpawnFaq


!help - Gives link to this help page - !help

!discord - gives a link to the discord - !discord

!motd - Gives a random motd of 2b2t - !motd

!que - Gives the amount of players in the 2b2t queue (has to be !que because max rages) - !que

!playtime - playtime of the player - !playtime John200410

!quote - Quote of a player - !quote John200410

!firstwords - First words of a player - !firstwords John200410

!lastwords - Last words of a player - !lastwords John200410

!yomomma - Insults your mom - !yomomma

!online - gets the amount of players of another minecraft server - !online

!y/n - Responds with yes or no - !y/n

!dice - Rolls a dice - !dice

!task - Gives you a random task to complete - !task

!wyr - Would you rather - !wyr

!savemsg - Saves a private message - !savemsg I am secretly gay

!playmsg - Responds with someone's private message - !playmsg John200410

!cat - Random cat fact - !cat

!iam - Tells the bot who you are - !iam gay

!whois - Lookup who people are - !whois John200410

!leak - Leak co-ords to everyone - !leak 0,0

!seen - Tells how long ago the bot saw another player - !seen John200410

!gm / !gamemode - Change your gamemode - !gm creative

!quote - Gets a random quote - !quote

!infect - Infects someone with autism - !infect Budid

!insult - Insults a player - !insult John200410

!askgod / !askallah / !askrusher - 8ball - !askgod is rusher a christian!?!?!?!?

!give - Gives you any item - !give 64 totem_of_undying

!tp / !teleport - Teleport to any player or any coordinates - !tp world border

!back - Teleport back to your previous location - !back

!kill - Kill any player or any entities - !kill spawnfags

!op - Give a player operator status on the server - !op John200410

!tpa - Request to teleport to a person - !tpa John200410

!tphere / !tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you - !tpahere John200410

!tpaccept - Accept a players teleport request - !tpaccept

!tpdeny - Deny a players teleport request - !tpdeny

!sethome - Sets a home that you can teleport to - !sethome

!home - Teleports to your home - !home

!uuid - Gets the uuid of any player - !uuid JewishBot

!oldnames - Gets all of the old usernames of a player - !oldnames John200410

!players - Shows how many players are online - !players

!wiki - Searches Wikipedia on any topic - !wiki Donald Trump

!verse - Gives verses from Quran Bible - !verse 1:1

!execute - Executes player - !execute x1D

!vote - Vote for execution - !vote yes

!report - Reports a player - !report John200410 hacking

!bless - Blesses a player - !bless children of africa

!time - Gets the time in-game - !time

!age - Gets the map age (shouldn't be accurate on 2b2t) - !age

!tps - Gets server's TPS (shouldn't work on 2b2t) - !tps

!ping - Gets a player's ping - !ping John200410

!worstping - Gets the worst player ping on the server - !worstping

!bestping - Gets the best player ping on the server - !bestping

!math - Does math - !math 2+2

!jew - Searches for a jew - !jew Adolf Hitler

!r - Gets top reddit post on a subreddit - !r 2b2t

!owner - Bot owner - !owner

!fact - Responds with a random fact - !fact

!randomurl - Gives a random URL - !randomurl

!cooltext - Repeats what you say in a different font - !cooltext ur gey

!mail - Gets your mail - !mail

!sendmail - Sends mail to a player - !sendmail x1D you're gay

!clearmail - Clears your mailbox - !clearmail

!delmail - Deletes mail from someone - !delmail x1D

Admin Commands:

!suicide - Commits suicide - !suicide

!reload - Reloads the config - !reload

!go - Makes the bot go to co-ords - !go 100 100

!quit - Quits the process - !quit

!say - Repeats what you say - !say REEEEEEEEEE

!ms - Mass messages everyone online (don't use pls will most likely kick bot if more than 9 players are on) - !ms xd

!ss - Mass messages all players in the bot's render distance - !ss u r gey